Monday, January 13, 2014


I struggled with body image issues since i was 11. Not because I was really even overweight. But my dad made some comment about how I was overweight... (i was just going through puberty and no longer the pre-pubescent girl he loved). So, I spent the next TWO decades of my life in the throws of eating disorder (to the point it messed up my thyroid and liver levels on blood tests).

I got help. I got better. Still, some things you never fully "get over." You just learn to accept, forgive and be kind to yourself.

Well, Daddy... is amazing... because he could not care LESS how much I weigh. He told me he dated a woman more than twice my size. I said "Really???" He said yea.. nonchalantly like he does. 

I love him. I love he doesn't care how much I weigh. I love his main concern is that I am emotionally healthy! What a concept, what a blessing.

Struggling with hating myself since age 11 is not easy. But today I know I have sooo much to be thankful for. And, to have met a man who loves me, not my weight or body fat percentage... makes me glad I never fully gave up on God. 

All young women, and mature women, need to understand how special we are based on our character, not our looks!

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