Saturday, January 18, 2014

Terms of endearment

Daddy is careful with his words. He says what he means and doesn't say too much extra stuff.

I'm more of a circular talker. I often say a whole bunch of things that really probably could be said much simpler, but that's just how I tend to express.

He though keeps things short and to the point.

Well, recently he has said two things to me that melted my heart and made me feel so very special. And both involved a few simple but powerful words.

On New Year's Eve, he addressed me as his love.

Then last night he addressed me as "beautiful."

I am not too great with compliments. So, when he called me beautiful I felt wonderful inside, and still also felt the need to correct him and tell him no I'm not beautiful. I wish I were as smooth and calm as he is with expressing how I feel. But then again, he accepts me as I am and probably wouldn't want to be dating his exact replica.

My favorite term of endearment for Him is simply Daddy. Although sometimes I do like to call him babe.

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