Saturday, November 30, 2013


Took this on our first date a year and a half ago. A nice restaurant in town where he made me laugh hysterically throughout our meal. I was really into photographing everything back then. I like this picture because it represents for me how meeting each other was a new beginning. An open gate with greenery and sunlight, to reflect good things to come, just brings a smile to my heart.

Troubled waters

I have a close family member struggling right now. I have had rough times in my life and surely not immune, yet to watch someone i love go through is hard. No reasoning with this person. I've probably driven my daddy close to crazy venting to Him about it.

Ultimately as unreligious as I am, found myself turning to my spiritual faith. I've believed in God since a little girl. I used to pray at night for my family, extended family, friends, teachers and the whole world. I was slightly OCD and anxious too, so never wanted to leave anyone out. Lol ;-)

God is present. And times when I am helpless to help as much as I wish I could, God calms the waters.

I tell my daddy he is my anchor. He is calm and patient. And he helps hold me steady. God calms the waters and my daddy is like a human version of that.

Father in heaven, daddy on earth. Lucky and blessed girl.

Friday, November 29, 2013


I told my daddy about the blog. He didn't ask to see it. He said it is my thoughts but just to respect his privacy.

Well, that really made me think, cause even if he is anonymous and so no one would know I'm writing about him, I realized I still need to be careful and not write anything too personal about him.

So, I will just focus on my thoughts about him and us. But, not about his personal business.

Been going through some difficult times with my own family. He has been there throughout. Even when we had an argument, he always put it aside to give support when I needed. He seems to know when i'm being real and when just whining.

A part of me wishes he would let me tell you all about him. Because, some of those private things are also the most special parts of him. He is an amazing man, wonderful father and true gentleman. Guess you'll have to take my word for it, since I can't spill all the beans. ;-(

Day after Thanksgiving

Him: You want it in the ass

me: Yes to feel closer to you

Him: What if you like it more than in the vagina

me: Will probably hurt way too much to like it more

Him: Can stick with your deep wet vagina

me: Yes daddy.

me: i'm sorry i've caused so much trouble this year.

Him: Year not over yet.


Brown etc.

Brown is his favorite color. We met at work but now work different places. Working apart seems to work better for us.

Daddy and I have had a rocky road at first. Instead of pulling apart, it drew us closer. Sometimes we put up so many walls, that it does take some painful deconstructing, to get to the core of each other. We managed to do that, where I know we could have easily not gotten through, but somehow we did. I love him. Nothing I wouldn't do for him. And, just thankful every day that despite our struggles, we care about each other more.

He happens to be a gentlemanly Dom, and I'm a strong-willed sub. It works for us.

More later,


i'm back

This is K. i'm back after a long hiatus. So much to write about.

my daddy DD is my anchor. Will write more soon.