Friday, December 13, 2013

Love is worth it

Daddy doesn't talk much about his emotions. He is a sensitive person. Very much so. Just that he isn't emotional. He manages his feelings is best way to put it.

A few weeks ago when we were in a bit of a heated discussion, I told him, "Whatever gets you through the day!"

His response, "Thinking about you."

He is definitely romantic and sensitive. He has a way to disarm me when I'm upset. Now though... I pray for guidance how to offer him comfort. Wish I could make everything ok. I miss him and want to hold him. I know I need to be strong. He is so strong. Sometimes I start wondering does he even need me? Truth is, some of the strongest people, surround themselves with those who help build them up. I just want to be that for Him. Right now, supporting him and giving him space to handle his affairs is the best I can seem to do.

Love is worth whatever it takes.


  1. am sure he appreciates all the love and support you give him...this helps him be the Daddy he wants to be for you.

    blossom x

    1. blossom, that's sweet of you to say..thanks. He is a strong person for sure. Hope you are well, K