Sunday, December 8, 2013

A quiet leader

When Daddy was over to watch the movie with me, he had to take a call from someone special to him. He didn't leave the room, so I just stayed quiet beside him as he spoke on the phone. Daddy is always the same. He sounded calm, loving and caring. Like he is with me. The depth of his caring for the important people in his life warms my heart. I can tear up when thinking about this.

I have noticed Daddy is intentional. He puts time and energy into what matters and doesn't get swayed by trivial issues. He is fine with saying no to things he doesn't have time for, or that would keep him from what is more important. It helps to follow his quiet lead, to say no to things that distract me from my purpose, which is to please him.

Right now, I would say on an average week, I please him about 75-80 percent of the time (not sure if He would agree!). I know 100 percent is an ideal, but I think I can get myself closer to 90. Pleasing Daddy just means I am focused on what matters: pretty sure all he wants from me is to be patient, calm, and strong like when he first met me.

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