Saturday, February 8, 2014

The fight

Daddy and i are in a pretty big fight. Told him not to text me (he wont invite me to his place and that hurts me so that's why i said it..not a great reason but the truth).Haven't heard from him since. I miss him. Our fights always stem from my not feeling appreciated, and him feeling i am too temperamental.

Honestly, i rather let him go if i need to, than to lie and pretend everything is dandy. He gets comfortable with seeing each other at a hotel a few times month. That isn't enough for me. I respect his obligations deeply. Still, at least once in a while invite me over..ya know? Let me be at least a small piece of your actual life. Otherwise, i can't help but feel like just his escape.

It's hard. Really hard and a bit painful. If we can't meet each other half way though, then both of us deserve someone who can.

Uncertain at this point.

Miss him. I want to apologize to him, but i know what I'm asking for is reasonable. I want to apologize and shove my feelings and needs under the rug, but i can't keep doing that. We both have to be honest with ourselves and each other.

Still, it hurts and sucks right now. Who knows if I will even hear from him again.


  1. hi K sorry to hear that you and your Daddy are having a rotten time at the moment, i know how that can feel, hopefully it will blow over for you both as you both seemed so sure he will be in touch with you


    1. Thank You blossom...Just saw your reply! I appreciate it.K

  2. Why won't he invite you. I don't know the nature of your relationship. I don't know that he hasn't got a wife at home or perhaps nobody. But it does sound unusual if he has not got these impediments.

    1. Thanks little for writing! Those Are same questions Ive struggled with. He is divorced So not sure what it is. . He hasn't explained and ignore or gets offended when I ask.