Saturday, November 30, 2013

Troubled waters

I have a close family member struggling right now. I have had rough times in my life and surely not immune, yet to watch someone i love go through is hard. No reasoning with this person. I've probably driven my daddy close to crazy venting to Him about it.

Ultimately as unreligious as I am, found myself turning to my spiritual faith. I've believed in God since a little girl. I used to pray at night for my family, extended family, friends, teachers and the whole world. I was slightly OCD and anxious too, so never wanted to leave anyone out. Lol ;-)

God is present. And times when I am helpless to help as much as I wish I could, God calms the waters.

I tell my daddy he is my anchor. He is calm and patient. And he helps hold me steady. God calms the waters and my daddy is like a human version of that.

Father in heaven, daddy on earth. Lucky and blessed girl.


  1. sorry to hear about your family member...its amazing the strength and support one gets from their Dominant...hope things improve...smiles

    1. thank you, yes it is imcredibly helpful. And this one just came into my life masked as an ordinary every day man. What a blessing to find out he is a strong dominant gentleman :) hugs, K